Skab en effektiv fjernsalgskultur i en post-pandemisk verden

It’s never been a more confusing time to be a sales leader. There’s that same pressure to land bigger and bigger deals, but you’re also expected to do it in a completely new environment. However, some sales teams are thriving under these new circumstances. Find out how sales teams are winning in a remote world by:

  • Communicating with clarity and precision
  • Making visibility a priority
  • Focusing reps’ efforts on what’s important
  • Being smart about new technology adoption
  • Maintaining morale from a distance
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How do you manage a sales team remotely?

Engage with your distributed sales force the same as your office-based team. Dedicate one-to-one check-in with their work, but also on their emotional health.

How do you motivate a remote sales team?

Remote sales leaders must work to maintain a sense of morale amongst remote sales teams. Do not lose the camaraderie that comes with being around a group of people all doing the same tough job.

How do you create a successful remote sales team?

Celebrating milestones and achievements keeps teams motivated and united even when working remotely. It also lets your team know that you recognize all the hard work they’re putting in.

How do you create a remote sales culture?

Establish a truly productive and engaged distributed sales force that celebrates milestones and achievements, and communicates them as a team.