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From practical tips on agreements to research and in-depth guidance on streamlining workflows. Discover your way to running a more confident business and how HelloSign can help.
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Den ultimative ansættelsespakke
Vil du strømline din proces for ansættelse af nye medarbejdere? Vores rekrutteringspakke er en alt-i-en-løsning, der indeholder blogindlæg, e-bøger, infografik og ansættelsesskabeloner, der guider dig gennem hele processen.
Interactive content
Hiring and onboarding process improvement tool
Find out how to improve your processes and unlock a faster hiring and onboarding process that gets you the talent your business needs.
Interactive content
Værktøj til forbedring af salgsprocessen
Opdag alle de måder, hvorpå din salgsarbejdsgang bremser din salgscyklus, og hvordan du kan forbedre din salgsproces og afslutte handler hurtigere.
Interactive content
Værktøj til forbedring af processen for onboarding af leverandører
Det kan være bøvlet at onboarde leverandører. Se, hvordan du forenkler dine arbejdsgange for onboarding af leverandører for at opnå hurtigere aftaler og mere produktive relationer.
A foolproof guide to creating the perfect hiring sequence
Build a simple, streamlined, easy to follow and execute hiring process so that positive candidate experience becomes standard.
The perfect offer letter template
What does an offer letter include? How long should and offer letter be? This offer letter template covers all the important information you need to include.
How eSignatures improve the home-buying experience
Find out some of the common challenges facing real estate and learn the advantages why agents and brokerages should embrace eSignatures to improve processes
Integreret salg: Få fart og produktivitet til virksomheder i vækst
Derfor har du brug for salgsintegrationer, og sådan kan e-signaturer hjælpe med at automatisere din salgscyklus
Letter of reprimand template
This is a generalized written letter of reprimand that you can use and customize however you see fit.
How to build the ultimate employee onboarding checklist
HelloSign hjælper dig med at eliminere papirdokumenter til onboarding og forbedrer onboarding-arbejdsgangen.
Form W-2 template
Download our free W-2 form template and fill out your information to use it in HelloSign.
Din vejledning til e-signaturer i sundhedssektoren
I denne vejledning kan du se, hvordan e-signaturer hjælper med at ansætte sundhedspersonale hurtigere, forbedre patientoplevelsen og meget mere.
How eSignatures eliminate transaction complexity for B2B marketplaces
This guide will help marketplace operators figure out how to attract both suppliers and sellers to their platform and keep them transacting on it.
Skabelon til politik for sociale medier
Giv retningslinjer for virksomhedens politik for sociale medier med denne skabelon til politik for sociale medier.
Info sheet
How eSignatures help SMBs sell faster, hire from anywhere, and increase employee productivity
Discover how eSignatures can help you: Close more deals, faster, keep critical customer data safe, take the friction out of document signing
Analyst report
HelloSign named leader in The Aragon Research Globe™ for Digital Transaction Management, 2022
Learn why HelloSign has been named a leader in The Aragon Research Globe for Digital Transaction Management (DTM), 2022 for the fifth year in a row.
HelloSign at Startup Grind 2022: How to scale your startup while staying human first
To help startups learn how to expand their business without losing sight of the people behind it, HelloSign spoke at Startup Grind 2022
Info sheet
Accelerate your hiring and onboarding with integrated, seamless signing experiences
A great onboarding experience can improve employee retention rates by a staggering 82%, while a negative one can push potential candidates into the arms of a competitor.
Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) template
This simple non-disclosure agreement template will help you create your own NDA. Download our free NDA template and fill out your information to use it in Dropbox Sign.
Antidotes to slow hiring for time-starved managers and HR
Learn how to overcome recruiting and onboarding obstacles in today’s challenging hiring landscape.
The state of small technology businesses in 2022
Staying up to date on the latest technology trends is challenging. Explore the data and strategies that are driving small business tech trends.
How small businesses can navigate hybrid work to their advantage
Learn how to build an integrated tech stack that will help your small business be agile and quick to adapt to hybrid work and changes.
Info sheet
Level up your customer experience with eSignatures
How to identify hitches in the user experience and ways to improve customer experience with eSignatures
Skab en effektiv fjernsalgskultur i en post-pandemisk verden
Sådan opdaterer du dit salgsteam fra en midlertidig fjernopsætning til nye måder at arbejde på.
What does 2022 look like for professional services firms?
Dive into the key data and professional services industry trends in 2022 and discover key Insights to help your business.
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