Digital Transformation: What and Why?

Course Overview

Digital transformation is business term we hear thrown around on a daily basis. But what does it actually mean, and what role does it play for businesses, no matter their size? Where in the world it is located, and what industries is it involved with? 

In our very first Digital Strength course, we explain what digital transformation is and why YOU need to think about its impacts today.

We give insights into the mega-trends that are enabling this transformation to occur. We draw some historical perspectives to show how digital transformation is more than a trend but rather a new way of thinking. Finally, we give organizations some advice on how to start envisaging what their future could look like post digital transformation.

in this course
Course I Whitepaper
Technology advances and how they’re enabling digital transformation
Societal and workplace changes (the gig economy, Gen Z, etc.)
Examples of digital disruption
Actionable item(s): P.A.C.E Model