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Valor Payroll Solutions is an independent full-service payroll, timekeeping, consulting, and human-resourcing service. It helps small businesses set up and navigate the complex world of payroll—with modern technology and specialized support.

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Sådan bruger Valor Payroll Solutions Dropbox Sign

Valor Payroll Solutions uses HelloSign to help clients breeze through often - used files like Direct Deposit Authorizations.
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The HelloSign eSignature API allows users to easily set signature fields and have signers complete forms from any device.

Manuel underskriftsproces

Udskrivning, underskrivning og scanning af dokumenter påvirkede alt lige fra ekspeditionstiden til lønregistreringer, hvilket var ekstremt ineffektivt.


Elektroniske underskrifter

Med dokumenter, der distribueres elektronisk, kan klienterne nu underskrive hvor som helst, når som helst og på en hvilken som helst enhed.


Fremskynder gennemførelsen

Takket være Dropbox Sign har Valor Payroll Solutions reduceret tiden for onboarding af kunder fra uger til minutter ved at tilføje e-signaturfunktionalitet i sine arbejdsgange.

A deeper dive with Valor Payroll Solutions


When it comes to payroll, Form 8655 is crucial for initiating a dialogue with the IRS and getting the authority to act on behalf of clients. And as a solution for small businesses in the US, Valor Payroll knows all too well how delays in obtaining new-client signatures for IRS authorization forms can snowball into larger payroll issues. Without official authorization, Valor can’t act on behalf of its clients, which ultimately means it can’t pay clients’ employees.

Onboarding delays were a problem that Christina Hageny, founder and president of Valor, wanted to avoid when she launched her business in 2020. To solve the client onboarding problem, Christina first identified a root cause: the outdated way clients received, signed, and returned documents. “Whoever we needed to get paperwork from either had to purchase some sort of expensive software on their own or they had to manually print and scan documents,” explains Christina. This often meant forms could take weeks to be returned.

Valor Payroll Solutions knew it needed a faster and easier way to onboard clients. That’s when it turned to Dropbox Sign to help securely streamline the signing process—making it easier to send documents, obtain client signatures, and get timely IRS authorizations.

“What used to take weeks now takes a matter of minutes … just knowing I can send it and forget it, and know that as soon as the client sees it, it’s coming back to me signed. It’s a game-changer.”

Christina Hageny
Direktør, Valor Payroll Solutions
Christina Hageny, president of Valor Payroll Solutions, explains how Dropbox Sign speeds up onboarding and obtaining signatures

Using Dropbox Sign, Valor Payroll Solutions electronically sends all of its IRS authorization forms, which eliminates the slow print-sign-scan process. And because Dropbox Sign doesn’t require any additional third-party tools for signing, Valor’s clients can sign from anywhere on any device in a matter of minutes. “Using Dropbox Sign makes life easier on my clients. They can do it on their phone; they can do it on their computer, any device with internet. Regardless of their industry or technological capabilities, they can still get things signed, and do it very quickly,” explains Christina.

Even when clients forget to sign, Dropbox Sign helps Valor get crucial documents completed fast with automatic reminders. Rather than spend time wondering if a document has been received and sending follow-up emails to the client, Dropbox Sign tracks every document sent by Valor for signature and automatically issues reminders when documents go unsigned—ensuring that authorizations are signed and Valor can process new clients’ payroll on time.

As well as saving Valor from chasing down unsigned paperwork, Dropbox Sign makes it quicker to prepare documents and send them to clients. With Dropbox Sign reusable templates, Valor can fill in client-specific details and send out forms in just a few clicks—without having to format new documents every time.

What’s more, because almost every document that Valor handles and sends out contains sensitive information, security is always a top priority. Physical forms are easily lost, misplaced, or filed incorrectly—which puts clients’ data at risk. But by using the Dropbox Sign + Dropbox integration, Valor’s documents are automatically stored securely online and protected by two-factor authentication (2FA)—so important data never falls into the wrong hands. “From a security perspective, Dropbox Sign helps because I know everything is safe and people cannot access the data. It also integrates directly with Dropbox, so it eliminates the need to do anything with PDFs and email,” explains Christina.


A dramatic decrease in turnaround time

With eSignatures implemented across the Valor Payroll Solutions workflows, clients can now sign anytime, anywhere, which reduces the turnaround time for mission-critical documents to a matter of minutes. Christina explains, “We’re talking a 10-second turnaround for getting one of our most important forms signed, instead of waiting a week, two weeks, or longer and having to do multiple follow-ups.”

Improved internal productivity

Instead of spending hours creating documents and waiting for them to be returned, Valor now uses custom templates and sends them out for signature in minutes.

Trust-building security

With secure storage, 2FA, and easy integration with Dropbox, Valor’s customers can rest easy knowing that their important information is safe from bad actors.


What’s next for Valor Payroll Solutions?

As Valor has grown and evolved, so too has its use of Dropbox Sign. In the future, Valor plans to expand usage, taking advantage of unlimited templates to improve efficiency and provide a paperless onboarding experience for all of its clients.

Whether it’s streamlining the onboarding process, fast-tracking payroll registration, or simply giving clients the easiest way to sign key documents, Dropbox Sign is an essential part of day-to-day business and will remain one of the most important solutions in Valor’s productivity toolkit.

Interested in seeing results like Valor’s?

Dropbox Sign is the easiest way to send, receive, and manage legally binding eSignatures for businesses. Voted #1 for ease of use by G2, three years in a row, our eSignature solution can make your most important workflows faster, easier, and more secure. Sign up for a free trial today to start digitizing your business.

Valor Payroll Solutions uses Dropbox Sign to transform the client signing experience.
Valor Payroll Solutions uses Dropbox Sign to transform the client signing experience.
On a work call from a coffee shop, Christina poses quickly for a photo.
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