Vendini's Sales Team Uses HelloSign to Close Deals on the Phone

HelloSign and Vendini

As anyone in the entertainment industry knows, all the glitter in the world won’t guarantee that people attend an event. Success requires a delicate balance of promotion, ticket availability, and doing good on promises to provide a pleasurable experience.

Vendini Inc., a company with over 15 years of live event experience, understands this deeply. 

Kathryn Hunt of Vendini's product marketing department had this to share: “At Vendini, it’s our mission to simplify the way organizations and venues coordinate and manage ticketing, marketing, crm, reporting, and logistics through our cloud services and apps. Our all-in-one solution empowers performing arts executives, festival and event organizers, promoters of live music shows, and many others to host successful events each and every time.” 

Since Vendini’s customers tend to hold fiscal responsibility and accountability for their events, Vendini also understands how important each and every communication can be. They work hard to provide an exceptional customer experience to their clients, from the first moment of contact to the very end. This, of course, includes an easy contract signing experience. Vendini recently introduced HelloSign into their sales cycle, empowering their sales reps to get documents signed quickly and reliably. 

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A Frustrating Process Was Costing Vendini Deals

When closing new clients, Vendini sends over a Master Service Agreement (MSA) which includes basic contract information plus a reference to the quoted proposal. Clients must sign these documents to finalize their agreement, become official Vendini Members, and start selling tickets. 

In the past, these documents were sent via email which required their clients to print, sign, and fax the completed copy before they could be signed by the CFO at Vendini. 

This, as it turned out, was far less than ideal. “We found that closing deals wasn’t the hard part of our sales cycle. It was the administrative processes that were really slowing things down. It was a headache when people were ready to sign that day and were thrown into a lengthy paperwork cycle.”

Nerves were worn thin when multiple signers and approvals were required. Since many of their client’s offices were remote (and further, many didn’t even have a fax machine), the extra steps and double-handling of paperwork added days to a deal, sometimes even costing the sales team to lose the deal altogether. 

Vendini was bent on expediting the process to ensure a smoother sale for their team while also providing a better experience for their clients. That’s where HelloSign comes into the picture.

How Vendini’s Sales Team Uses HelloSign to Close Deals on the Phone

In 2016, Vendini introduced HelloSign to their sales team. They use HelloSign’s Google Drive integration to prepare the MSAs in Drive before effortlessly send the formatted document to their clients. The clients are then able to sign the documents with just a few clicks. 

Sales reps at every level now use HelloSign to send out these documents, and reps consider HelloSign to be an essential component of their sales toolbox. 

“We started using HelloSign in the beginning of 2016 and have had great success closing deals more quickly – sometimes while the sales rep is still on the phone with the prospect!” 

Not only was it a relief to be rid of paper contract cycles, they found it was easier to get people on the same page when using HelloSign. The sales reps take advantage of HelloSign’s “cc” feature which means their CFO, sales managers, or anyone else that needs to be looped in gets an email alerting them of the documents progress. 

Vendini also put the HelloSign for Slack integration to good use. This integration allows their sales teams to see when a document has been signed in real time on their Slack channel and celebrate appropriately.

Why HelloSign?

Vendini initially found HelloSign through a quick Google search. They were using DocuSign with a small segment of the sales team, but it wasn’t quite the right fit for them. Things were immediately different with HelloSign. 

“Everything was fast and easy to adopt.” 

The mobile aspect of HelloSign’s signing experience also resonated with Vendini’s own mobile friendliness. It was reassuring to see that they could use eSignatures in a way that was optimized for all devices, something that was hugely important for Vendini, which prides itself on mobile optimization. 

“Our strength is being able to help our members promote their events with mobile-responsive websites and e-mails and to make purchasing tickets from a mobile device hassle-free. Having the contract signing work this way reinforces our message.”

What’s Next for Vendini

Big things! Here’s what Kathryn had to say: “We are proud of the partnerships we’ve developed in the past 15 years and excited to continue to innovate in order to serve the needs of our existing and prospective Vendini Members. We will continue to provide a robust, reliable solution to support live events and remain committed to making our solution as powerful as it is easy to use.”

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To learn more about Vendini, visit their website here. Tell them we say “Hello!” Interested in streamlining your sales cycle? Check out "3 Quick Ways to Streamline Your Sales Cycle With HelloSign" or sign-up for a trial HelloSign account.

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