FrontFundr Decreased Document Processing Time by 75% with HelloSign

FrontFundr Uses HelloSign

FrontFundr is an equity crowdfunding platform that bridges the gap between investors and early-stage companies. They make investing simple and accessible for everyone. 

Read on to learn how FrontFundr uses HelloSign to power faster (to the tune of 75%) investments on their platform, giving all parties an exceptional investing experience from start to finish.

FrontFundr: Powering “The Investor Revolution”

FrontFundr is dedicated to changing the way people invest in private companies. Aaron Stuart – the Investment Analyst & Dealer Representative at FrontFundr – shared: 

“What we’re doing is taking a complex industry and a complex process and making it easily understood by both investors and the companies seeking capital. Traditionally, private companies raising money would need the assistance of a bricks and mortar agency for their capital raise, and these opportunities to invest are generally only made available to professional or high net worth investors.”

This often results in one or two high value investors, but neglects many others who might also be interested in supporting the private company. 

FrontFundr knew there was a better way. 

“FrontFundr takes the process of investing in private companies entirely online to provide the opportunity to a much larger group of individuals . So instead of only bringing on one or two large investments, companies can now also attract a large number of smaller investments. This creates many more ‘brand champions’ for the company, to help fuel their growth.” 

The benefits to both sides of the investment table are clear. “As a registered exempt market dealer, we give new and seasoned investors access to stringently screened young businesses that we guide from business pitch to deal completion – growing ‘The New Capital Market’ for all."Entrepreneurs benefit as well, by gaining access to a larger pool of capital than they would have otherwise had access to.”

How FrontFundr Uses HelloSign

FrontFundr primarily uses the HelloSign API to prepare investment documents like Subscription Agreements and Risk Acknowledgement forms. They also use the API to process Voting Trust Agreements. 

“These documents can be quite onerous. We want to make the process as simple as possible.” 

They initially used other tools for electronic signing. But as FrontFundr grew, they began their hunt for more robust options. “HelloSign’s API checked all our boxes and seemed relatively easy to integrate.” 

They customized their integration to include merge fields so that investor information from their database could be auto-populated into the forms. This made it a truly seamless experience for their investors. 

“We’ve been able to set up the documents to auto-populate every field with the investor’s information. Investors now simply have to sign and the documents are complete.” 

Investors immediately recognized the value. “We have repeat investors who have been using the platform from the very beginning. When we first integrated HelloSign, we asked investors for feedback. They were thrilled to see how much easier it was to complete the documents.”

Results of the Integration

Beyond the benefits of automating data entry for documents, FrontFundr has enjoyed quite a few other positive results. 

“The investment process (from hearing about an investment, to researching, to pledging and to finalizing the investment) can be lengthy. We’re able to cut down time on that with HelloSign. It’s a huge user experience win. It used to take over an hour and now someone can do the whole process start to finish in under 15 minutes.” 

On top of a 75% decrease in document processing time, FrontFundr recouped hours that were previously spent checking for errors. 

“One of the beautiful things about the HelloSign API is the auto-populate capability. We don’t have to review the information on the documents. We review the information in each investor’s profile, so we trust the data. 
It takes out that whole element of reviewing the document for errors or discrepancy. There’s always a margin for error when people input data themselves. Through the API I have 100% confidence that the document is error-free.”

Scaling for the Future

Based in Canada, FrontFundr is focused on expanding. HelloSign is playing a big part in making that happen. “The biggest thing we’re working on is volume, opening more deals up to more investors. With that, you have a higher volume of investors, so being able to have the documents completed efficiently, easily, and error-free is essential.”

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If you’re interested in learning more about FrontFundr, visit their website

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