eSignature API Powers Binti's Rapid Growth

Binti Uses HelloSign

Binti is using technology to revolutionize the adoption process. Their TurboTax-like tool is transforming the incredibly difficult path to adoption. Launched in April 2014, this fast growing company makes it possible for parents to complete home study paperwork using online forms and the HelloSign eSignature API


Every adoption in the United States requires the completion of 50-200 documents. That is an incredible amount of paperwork to fill out with pen and paper. It costs as much as $30,000-$50,000 to complete the adoption, but the majority of that cost comes from attorney and adoption agency project management fees required to manage completion of the paperwork. 

Many adults trying to make their way through this process understandably give up. It’s not because they no longer want to adopt a child – but because of how difficult it is to complete the paperwork. By automating the home study program with a digital workflow and eSignatures, Binti’s web app makes it dramatically easier for parents to make it through the process and unite with their child. 

Binti even impacts how adoption professionals get their work done. Social workers are no longer encumbered with processing and organizing all the paperwork. Rebecca, a social worker who partners with Binti, explained the impact:

“Before Binti, families would give me a pile of paperwork or scan and email multiple files. I would have all these different emails from families and all these different emails from references just for one family. It was very confusing and frustrating.”

Adoption laws are regulated on a state-by-state basis so Binti needed an API equipped to handle many forms, each with a huge number of fields. For example, one of their templates has 400 fields across 20 documents. And because 90% of parents who try to adopt will drop out of the process, the solution needed to lessen one of the biggest obstacles, the paperwork process. 

By using the HelloSign API, Binti was able to apply programmatic processes to forms that are long, complex and geared towards free-text answers. 


Prior to starting Binti, CEO Felicia Curcuru used another eSignature vendor at her last job. Finding HelloSign was a big relief. Now she works with a developer-focused company that innovates and listens to its customers.

“The other eSignature vendor offered a terrible experience. Our engineers were always complaining. We’d find bugs and they wouldn’t fix them. They were unwilling to help make their product usable for us so we ended up having to build all these different workarounds and it was a mess,” explained Felicia.

Initially, Binti used the standalone HelloSign product for a week to get a feel for how things work. In order to provide parents with a flawless user experience, Binti quickly integrated our API to keep the eSignature integration within the webapp. Parents sign right there on Binti’s site without needing to create a separate HelloSign account. 

Felicia explained that “quickly” was no exaggeration. “It only took our developer one day to integrate the HelloSign API. It’s clearly built for developers by developers. And the customer support team is always fast to respond.” 

One of our engineers, Ben, worked closely with Binti to accomplish requirements with large templates. We provide this kind of developer-focused support to all of our API customers and enjoy being able to work directly with the devs who use HelloSign on a daily basis. 


Parents love Binti. Carrie from New Jersey shared her appreciation:

“I didn’t know how I’d find the time to do all the paperwork, but your process was so simplified. I kept thinking to myself that this is way too easy! Working with Binti has been a breeze.”

Collaborating with Binti's development team is rewarding. Their speed and work style aligns well with HelloSign – "Build things people want and build it fast!" We  love contributing to an effort that is not only saving paper, but directly benefiting kids and families. Binti is well on their way to becoming the largest home study provider in the United States with plans to expand into the actual adoption process, too. 

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