Aragon Names HelloSign a Leader in Workflow Content Automation (WCA)!

Aragon's 2018 Tech Spectrum Names HelloSign a Leader in Workflow Content Automation (WCA)

Today we are thrilled to share that HelloSign was named a Leader in the 2018 Aragon Research Tech Spectrum for Workflow Content Automation (WCA)! Aragon Research is the leading analyst firm when it comes to all things workflow related. In fact, they coined the term Workflow Content Automation.

What is a “Tech Spectrum” You Ask?

Developed by Aragon Research, a Tech Spectrum is a market evaluation tool that graphically represents an analysis of both emerging and mature markets and the vendors that participate in them. A Tech Spectrum is segmented into three sectors:

  1. Leaders: Leaders are providers who have comprehensive strategies and products/services that align with industry direction and market demand, and who effectively perform against that strategic backdrop.
  2. Contenders: Contenders are providers with a strong performance, but with more limited or less complete strategies.
  3. Promising: Providers who are Promising have strong strategic understanding and objectives, but have yet to perform effectively across all elements of that strategy.

Reports like this are often used as tools to evaluate technology vendors and inform buying decisions.

Download the report here. 

Introducing Workflow Content Automation (WCA)

Workflow Content Automation (WCA) streamlines manual and paper-based processes that are often comprised of unstructured tasks involving people, processes, and content.


Companies most often use WCA to automate high value and high volume document workflows with the goal of increasing revenue, transaction volume, cash flow, etc. Examples of this include automating HR onboarding, legal contracts, real estate agreements, and so much more.

HelloSign is a Leader!

HelloSign’s placement as a Leader in Aragon's 2018 WCA Tech Spectrum is validation that HelloWorks is a product that’s solving problems of the future. In just over a year, HelloWorks has grown from an idea inspired by our customers to a product that empowers companies to turn document transactions into intelligent, embeddable, and mobile-first workflows.

How’d We Do It?

HelloSign was chosen as a Leader in the report for our expanded portfolio of products which includes integrations with Salesforce and Google Apps, and our newest product, HelloWorks.


HelloWorks expands our reach towards Enterprise by increasing the speed, accuracy, and rate of completing documents like, agreements, forms, contracts, and more. Intelligent mobile-first forms, not PDFs, guide users through document workflows without asking irrelevant questions or requiring repetitive information (like “name”). Best of all, data from completed forms gets automatically entered into your third-party systems.


Of course, the proof is in the pudding. Instacart, the worlds largest on-demand grocery shopping company implemented HelloWork’s to remove friction and scale their contractor onboarding processes. With HelloWorks they watched the speed of contractor application completion accelerate by nearly 300 percent. In addition, HelloWorks gave their internal staff back more than 50 hours every single week that had been wasted on addressing errors in onboarding documents.


HelloSign was also named as a Leader in the 2017 Aragon DTM Globe. We believe our deliberate investment in the enterprise (as promised when we announced our Series B funding round) propelled us into multiple leader recognitions! You can read more about how we’ve invested in our Enterprise customers here: Why HelloSign is Ideal for Enterprise


Thanks for being such great partners as we continue our journey towards simplifying work. Your support and feedback is what helped us achieve this milestone. You're the best!

Learn more about WCA 

Download Aragon's report to see how HelloWorks stacks up against competitors.

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